Warehouse Management

  • Inventory Planning & Control

  • Materials Management

  • Materials Inspection at arrival & random check of quality reports from reputed labs for the material in stock

  • Inventory Turnover & Work Flow Measurement System

  • Redesign Layout & Space Utilization

  • ERP Implementation

  • Stock Control Methods 

  • Electronic Records & Documentation

  • Standardization of Data Capture

  • Industrial Packaging, Loading-Unloading, Dispatch

  • HSE Policies & Adherence

  • Anti-theft Measures & CCTV Installations

  • Cleanliness & Man Management

  • Stores Management

  • Storage Facilities & Pipe yards Operations

  • Resource Allocation & Capacity Management

  • Cross Functional Teams Development

  • Identification & Disposal of Non-Moving Items


Multi Warehouse Operations Management, Distribution Management, Material Management, right from forecasting, materials planning and post- procurement operations of inventory to maintain budgeted inventory turns, Materials Inspection, Testing, Lab Reports, Certifications, unloading, Handling, Space utilization(Design &  Layout), Preservation, Storage, Safety, Packaging, labeling, bar code stickers,  Dispatching, Route Planning,  Transportation & Delivery to Distribution centers, sites including inventory replenishment.
Standardized the data capture process which resulted in improved data accuracy and client Improved space utilization by over 50% for retail operations by re-designing layout and work flow measurements.
EPC of 2Million US Gallons Storage Facilities apart from large warehouses development (Controlled Moisture Level Products)
Have driven cost savings initiatives to meet key performance metrics across the entire warehouse network & material, review of work orders, re-orders, invoices and confirm reports, ensuring compliance to terms, conditions and requirements.

Warehouse Operations

Maintained appropriate levels of stocks as per demand & planning

Location & Re-location of materials as per safety standards & appropriate layout to enhance operational efficiencies in terms of loading & un-loading operations with/without cranes, forklifts, loaders etcReview import, export, customs related laws, regulations & processes with countries to import from and the location to export to support compliance enhancement/implementation programs.

Random checks on material inspection as per PO issued i.e. testing, quality, standard and warranties if any.

Ensured all the planning, documentation, operations of getting material to the planned locations at planned time on site as per safety instructions & set standards

Ensured Installation of equipments on site location

Ensured security of materials & equipments at warehouses

Hands on experience on materials & equipments operations, right from custom clearance, unloading at warehouses, Inspection, documentation (Material requests, MRNs & Stock Data Entries/Exits, Delivery notes), Safety and space utilizations, Maintenance of stock records and verifying stock/cost code Allocation, Reports, Weekly stock check, inventory, reviews and reconciliation, packaging, deliveries.

Stores Operations

Over all planning & management of store activities

Established stock policy & control procedures to cater for stock discrepancies

Ensure proper maintenance of stock levels of various types of stores items.

Oversee sale & marketing functions of moving and non-moving stocks.

Ensure that transactions of store activities are properly and systematically recorded by the concerned staff.

Ensure implementation of procedures by the store staff.

Oversee track of implementation of Store Inventory Procedures in MIS.

Set Store Mobilization & Demobilization operations.

Redesigned layout and storage allocations increasing efficiency and facilitating maintenance Ensure strong administration by regular rotation of staff, surprise checks, mystery shopping, regularly review the physical security of the store.

Set appropriate limits of authority for writing off any loss or deficiency of stores & set responsibility to cover loss by introduction of schemes related to sale activities of store.

Oversee & undertake a corruption risk analysis of stores-related computer systems.