• Planning & Scheduling

  • ERP Systems

  • Strategic Sourcing

  • Commercial & Technical Standards (ASME, API, ASTM)

  • Cost Saving Methods & Techniques

  • Vendor Identification, Qualification, Selection Criteria

  • Vendor Management & Development 

  • Performance Monitoring System

  • Database & Evaluation

  • Documentation

  • E-Procurement

  • Excellent Contacts with Manufacturers, Suppliers, Distributors in Europe, Middle East & South East Asia


Strong leadership skills, with demonstrated ability to champion the procurement initiatives in cross-functional teams within corporate department stakeholders and with Suppliers.

Skilled in all Procurement process disciplines including spend category management, prioritization and alignment of sourcing opportunities with overall business goals, market and cost analysis, contract negotiations, supplier selection, contract structuring, development and implementation of supplier performance service level agreements/performance metrics, supplier value management, contract benefits capture, and procure-to-pay processes.

Sourcing & Procurement of various materials, metals, industrial products, equipment, machinery, consumables and other various desirable(s) over $18Million/month in 2011.

Cut USD1.2 Million in annual procurement costs by eliminating 30% of suppliers & implementing competitive bidding processes.

General Operations

Developing, leading, implementing and executing effective & efficient strategic sourcing and procurement plans in collaboration with all business areas.

Developing a corporate procurement strategy & ensuring its effective implementation through guidance, instructions and procedures that are aligned to each client's vision and business objectives.

Providing compelling policy advice and recommendations on future procurement strategy, creating and revising an annual procurement plan that incorporates all strategic purchasing activities planning for the year as per budget allocated.

Ensuring that commercial and technical standards (ASTM, API, Brand, Utilization, size & specifications) are developed for materials & equipments and applied for all tenders.

Developing processes to ensure effective technical and commercial evaluation of bids and tenders.

Developing relationships with qualified, reliable suppliers to secure the best pricing, contractual terms, conditions, and service level agreements.

Developing the strategy for contract and supplier management, directing its implementation and ensuring appropriate and timely action is taken where necessary.

Introducing and applying formal systems to evaluate supplier performance and managing supplier performance and conducting scheduled vendor performance reviews.

Developing & deploying procurement systems to enable procurement transactions to be processed on a decentralized basis.

Monitor, guiding & developing procurement staff assigned to Business Units and establishing collaborative working relationships.

Assessing, Reviewing & continually improving procurement systems and processes.

Establishing Quality standards with suppliers and developing internal processes for "closed loop quality management"

Major Products


OEMs, Industrial Goods, Engineering Tools & Hardware, Piping Materials, Machinery, Parts, Spares, Lubricants, Plastic Products & Consumables

Design to Build Equipment & Engineered Products, Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Pre-fabrications, Containers, Tanks & Installations

Construction & Building Materials

Earth Moving, Heavy & Capital Equipments

Heavy Lift Equipments & Elevators

Oil & Gas Products & Equipments (Upstream & Downstream)

Drilling Equipment, Drill Bits & Pipes, Casing Pipes, Tubing Materials, Christmas Tree Valves

Rotary & Static Equipment, Turbo-machinery, Pumps, Motors, Compressors, Turbines, Engines

Combustion Equipment, Flare Systems, Flare, Incinerators, Oxidizers, Parts, and Service, Burners, Sulfur Equipment, Welding Equipment

Coatings, Adhesives, Paints, Insulation Materials

De-mining Equipment, PPE, Safety Equipment, Communication Equipment, Lighting Equipments, Measuring Equipment

Solar Equipment & Installation

Fire Fighting Equipment

Automobiles, Tires, Batteries

Power Generation Equipment & Heating Equipment

HVAC Installations & Services, Electronics & Electrical Goods, Commercial Lightening Products

Dangerous & Hazardous Goods, Industrial & Bulk Chemicals, Petro-Chemicals, & Industrial Gases, Fuels, JP5, JP8, D2, L62, 95Octane, high speed diesels & jet fuels, CNG, LNG, LPG

Steel, Scrap, Copper, Aluminum & other metals

Cement & Bitumen

IT Equipment, Maintenance & Services, VOIP Equipment

Consumer Goods & other desirables