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February 2011 onwards

Responsible for Strategic Direction of FY & mapping stakeholders requirements & expectations, & Country Head Operations

Management with P/L Accountability of India office & effective management of the Sales, Marketing, Admin, Technical, HR, Operation, & Finance functions

Responsible for Business Development (Volume, Growth, Win Rate), Costs, Margins & P/L Operations for all the 3 SBUs

Responsible for country, channel, season, segment, product sales trends and applications to demand planning & revenue projection

Responsible for shaping up adequate governance, processes and structure are in place to run the business effectively

Responsible for development of clear Imports/Exports Strategies including Airfreight, Sea Freight, Road Freight in & out of India & management of 3rd parties (shipping lines, airlines, road freight) Cargo agents & Transporters, safe handling of Capital Equipments & Installations & SIM Sales (Supply Installation & Maintenance Packages), daily Logistic operations in awarded projects, troubleshooting, driving action items, dispute resolution, support, execution & handover, billing & realization

Undertaking import substitution or indigenization towards reducing procurement costs & Import, purchase & customs clearance Ensuring Stock strategies, dispose of strategies for dead stock & surplus & reducing inventory shrinkages. Managing the logistics process right from the acquisition & delivery to end users with strict compliance to safety, security & deterioration

Overseeing day to day operational interaction with Cargo Agents, Custom Clearance Agents, Port Authorities & Transporters across India including monitoring and tracking incidents for trending indications of vendors overall performance & costs.

Set and monitored market share and sales targets for each of the direct sales force, distributer & stockiest targets, channel force & brand ambassadors

Implemented new policy for continuous improvement of all processes & systems by Initiating, implementing & measuring improvements of the performance & Supported acquisition and management of talent, assess performance, devised development plans and motivated

Aligned and guided my high performing team to deliver against agreed KPIs and to achieve agreed development milestones.

Explored international markets for business development, manufacturers & major suppliers for bulk materials sourcing & sub contractors for handling capital equipments & installations at sites. Led operations department to ensure stores stock management, stock rotation and to execute agreements for 3rd party warehousing and logistics for all materials & equipments

Led best agreements in favor & control of FY across all categories of spend & Oversee all contracts in full accordance with legislative, contractual, procedural and budgetary constraints, ensuring all contracting processes and systems are fit for purpose and in place to manage all contract information, commercial issues, legalities, contractual obligations suitable to FY.

Led development and execution of the multiple projects supply chain strategy development, right from each project scope document, milestone plan, and deliverables with defined resource structure & defined accountabilities. Directed successful running of the supply chain including personnel, planning, approvals, policies, procedures, compliance, tracking and reporting of all supply chain function disciplines, including procurement, subcontracts, expediting, quality control/inspection and materials management & logistic systems, change documentation & re-evaluation procedures with focus on baseline financials on each project

Established new systems and processes for the tracking, reporting, and analysis of all traffic & reporting on statistical data & performance of carriers & 3PL providers

Executed successful drive of policies, methods & procedures, streamlining processes that all materials right from sourcing to delivery can withstand internal scrutiny & audits

Ensuring maintenance of an up to date supplier’s list for various services and materials

Brought up zero tolerance policy on quality of materials

Overseeing purchasing protocol, expediting, improving and mature material management, improving and mature logistics and maximizing MRP systems & developing, administrating and managing contract compliance plans & developing KPI’s.

Documented the issues related to specific policies, procedures, processes, regular compliance, audits & resolved the same

Initiated rolling stock procurement for Metro Rail Systems & developed rail logistic operations for materials to main locations

Management of settlement of all the claims and refunds from Railway & appointment of Assayers for managing quality surveys

Started logistic operations with Indian Railways, set up staff for Monitoring and coordinating with Railway Officials at Zonal and as well as Railway Board

Developed Country Program Logistics Strategy and ensured its timely implementation, effective logistics service across all programs and field sites & implementing, monitoring and following-up across all logistics disciplines to ensure FY standard policies,

Designed & directed business process improvement through effective implementation of scheduled sourcing, procurement & supply chain strategies & enhanced operational efficiencies by 27% on balance score cards

Brought up zero tolerance policy on quality of materials

Saved USD17Million through advanced contract negotiations in 2011

Implemented appropriate levels of reporting and control to contracts, enhance operational services, risk reporting, ad-hoc situations, monitoring which are providing management information necessary to maximize the profit and return on work undertaken

Feb/2010 to Jan/2011, Afghanistan

Joined two partners to create & develop marketing & business plan, raise capital, organizational design, operational & financial turnaround, sales & marketing infrastructure and launch of additional new businesses & established Corporate Strategy for cost efficiency & effectiveness and developed sales & pricing strategies, action plans and schedules.

Led multi-national implementation teams that started up new business ventures in 11 provinces including business model, analysis, formulated and implemented sales and marketing strategy & development of business processes

Developed Teams and organizational changes to improve operational efficiencies of departments and set standards, policies, criteria, norms for procedural processes towards alignment of resources for Partners to obtain desired financial targets.

Negotiated Joint Ventures, Customer Contracts and large supplier agreements & Logistics Business

Redesigned internal procedures and established Key Performance Indicators for all operating departments.

Devised new business strategies, conducted market analysis & developed new & improved methods.

Established Distribution operations, Sourcing, Procurement, Bulk Material handling & Supply operations of various materials, metals, industrial products, equipment, machinery, consumables and other various desirables produced over $1.8Million/month by 11/ 2010

Enhanced operational efficiencies by 21% on balance score cards & drove planning process, including management of all departments involved in forecasting, materials planning & procurement of inventory to maintain budgeted inventory turns

Increased market share by 22% in fuel retail sector, improved sales, marketing & operations pertaining to oils & petroleum products

Won US Army Camps multiple locations contract award of fuel & gas supplies to 19 provinces for two years and stood accountable for all operations management pertaining to procurement, storage/warehousing facilities, logistics and supplies to the locations.

EPC of 2 Million USG Fuel Storage Facilities (Design to Execution)

Stood responsible for all operations management of 2 Million USG Oil Depot (Fuel Storage Terminal) & safe dispatch to 17 locations Won cement supply contract award for one year

Started Business Development of Annual Maintenance Contracts for Building Services, Electro- Mechanical Services, MEP, IT & Office Equipments, Power Generation Systems and lease rentals of heavy equipment

Established infrastructure & built teams for Camp Services & Facilities Management Operations

Won Camp Falcon services contract & managed all operations management of the same.

Cut USD1.2 Million in annual procurement costs by eliminating 30% of suppliers & implementing competitive bidding processes.

Built cost efficient procurement team from start-up recruited & developed 7 employees in procurement & logistics departments

Implemented LMS(Logistics Management System) & VTS (Vehicle Tracking System inbuilt Remote Vehicle Disabling System).

Led contract change control processes, negotiations, contractual obligations, commercial impact, risk & mitigation, Engagement, Disputes Resolution & Image Formation.

Led the full sourcing process which included development of scope, supplier selection, risk mitigation and contract execution, ensuring the appropriate business involvement at all stages of the process through interface with project planning & management teams

Ensured regular periodic vendor meetings, workshops & education on documentation (pre-qualification, PIL, SAP Fill ins on offers, warranties, repairs, schedules), company system on quality checks, material inspection, operational programs, annual supply contracts, scheduled maintenance AMCs, penalties on deviations & blacklisting

Liaison and coordination with internal and external parties on assigned procurements including government departments and company departments and ensuring appropriate response to concerned parties

Oct24/2008 to Oct/2009, Saudi Arabia

Bid three project procurement packages in KSA with three Major EPCs, negotiated and managed all operations management of the same right from sourcing to supply operations at sites & inventory replenishment.

Coordinated & supported procurement team on examining, evaluating, negotiating & finalizing of all techno-commercial offers/bids of the vendors, suppliers & sub-contractors for construction  materials, equipment, desirables, services, SOW & review & technical assessment of BOQ & drawings as per technical specifications, evaluation of material requisitions content & associated approved budget to determine suitable vendors & suppliers, inquiry documents preparation for commercial requirements & PIL, review & evaluation of best price, technical terms & delivery time quotation, negotiations, draft finalization of & issue of PO Awards, Sub-contract agreements & Work orders, evaluation & monitoring of the contract performance to ensure adherence to schedule & approving or rejecting requests for deviations from contract specifications, effective management of procurement cycles, logistic site requirements,  delivery schedules, material expediting & equipment installations.

Developed supportable project procurement plans for direct & indirect purchases, proposal/bids including strategies & execution details for purchasing, material control, expediting, logistics & purchasing responsibility matrix.

Surveyed customers to assess process and team performance, benchmarked ARAMCO & SABIC standards for process ideas and improvements & established Procurement, Tender, Commercial, Vendor & Subcontractor contract manuals (SABIC, ARAMCO & Marafiq  Standards) & coordinated the procurement side of proposal preparation, and ensure that the best prices are secured with longest possible validities, and shortest deliveries to meet operational targets.

Provided the primary interface with the various Company and client legal and contract groups to finalize contract documents & ensured compliance with company and client requirements and relevant international and domestic law

Analyzed complex bid tabulations for compliance with established procedures, in order to achieve optimum selection decisions & established guidelines for potential strategic alliances with major vendors.

Reviewed and negotiated contracts with large-scale suppliers to achieve appropriate savings and service levels. Reviewed major project procurement contracts; coordinated contract compliance, change orders, and problem resolution in conformance with contract law, consulted with legal counsel as required. Ensured all legal contract requirements are met. Managed relationships with external contacts, including removing obstacles to ensure optimal team performance

Implemented guidelines for safe lay down & storage area for contractor s materials at sites, carried out workshops on safety, security & protection of temporary & permanent facilities, site offices, labor camp area including on construction waste disposals.

Implemented material control procedures and ensuring that stock levels are maintained as per operational requirements and coordinated with the site PMs, QS, and Finance. Independently supervising and managing all the functions of post-contract including team of 6 to drive category expertise and delivered optimized sourcing & supplier management programs in all aspects of procurement across direct, indirect cost bases.

Served as an operational and technical resource to all of project procurement staff in the communication and resolution of purchasing systems issues, negotiate successful resolution to problems or concerns internally and represented company externally to client’s queries, issues, resolutions & scheduling expectations

Reviewed and maintained strategic targets for Warehouse & Distribution activities & identified opportunities to reduce costs of holding and transporting goods & optimized business facilities. 

Collected & analyzed freight & logistic spend data across divisions & across projects.

Implemented meeting time scheduling the employees and delivery drivers, resolving staffing and personnel issues, budgeting and planning to meet projected figures

Developed work processes for scheduling procurement needs to ensure control during the project phases of purchase, release, transport, warehousing, and transfer of materials between sites as per requirements.

Established the levels of quality, the methods and procedures to control procurement cycle and report Quality Assurance requirements during the procurement cycle

Ensured approved logistic plan guidelines, procedures are co ordinate & implemented under strict safety adherence

Reviewed and maintained strategic targets for Warehouse & Distribution activities & identified opportunities to reduce costs of holding and transporting goods & optimized business facilities. 

May/2005 to June /2008 Afghanistan

Carried out Strong increase of the market share following an important focus on customer fidelity & extended strong commitment of the distribution network to the new Peeraj image and sales strategy

Streamlined procedures for appointing, managing and motivating distribution channels

Ensured growth in Business Development & Supply Operations of materials, equipment, desirables up to $5 Million/’month.

Achieved 40% growth rate with USD 32 Million contract values in 18 Months (Repeat Sales)

Surveyed local markets for price & delivery of major metals, bulk materials & capital equipments frequently required & international manufacturers, suppliers, traders with a view towards freight cost analysis & gathered benchmarking and market intelligence (including from low cost centre s and procurement hubs) on equipment, materials and services and understand positioning in the market.

Sourced Chinese Manufacturers & Distributors to meet local demand & supplies at lower costs & Setup direct contact with manufacturers and guaranteed providing products with a long terms contract in South East Asia, UK, Europe & USA

Recommended plans for new products, projects, services & new markets, started business & supply operations in Sudan

Developed trading & supply operations in 6 provinces in Afghanistan.

Appointed & developed 7 new sub-distributors for local market in Kabul

Won Annual Contact to supply steel, procured & supplied

Won Annual Contract to supply LPG Gas to US Embassy & Canadian Embassy for the year 2007, sourced, procured & supplied

Single Sale, Procurement, Supply & Installation of 11000 Air-conditioners

Got single purchase order of 80 Toyota Land cruisers, procured & supplied

Won 32 Toyota Hi lux pickups single order, procured & supplied

Started Fuel Supply Distributions in Kabul & adjoining provinces wholesale & retail sales of JP5, JP8, D2, L62, High Speed Diesel, 95 Octane, 97- 98, 95-99 & 102 RON Gasoline & Mineral Oils

Initiated business in Oil & Gas area, bid, won  and handled epc projects relating to Oil & Gas, Construction, AMCs, maintenance jobs, MEP, Fabrication of Oil/Fuel Tanks, Epoxy Painted Tankers, Storage Facilities, Complete Fuel Stations, Pipelines, Buildings, UN Warehouses, Fabricated Containers, Large Security Gates, HVAC & CCTV Installation etc.

Completed projects 14% under budget with the highest success rate in the country

Led in supplier related tender activities, bid evaluation, supplier selection, negotiation, award, supply issues

Gathered market intelligence (including from low cost centers and procurement hubs) on equipment, materials and services

Restructured and organized Vendor Identification, Qualification, Selection Criteria & implementation, Development, Database, Evaluation & Award procedures and modified documentation pertaining to PIL.

Redefined & Established “Organizational Purchase Policy” with Identification & Disposal of Non Moving.

Initiated regular Kick off meetings with customers for dispute resolutions & participated in discussions pertaining to improve service area, their feedback & executed operational efficiency programs & direction to improve procedures.

Defined, benchmarked and enforced standards for logistics & transport functionality, Inspection of trucks before delivery, Route Plan & Frequency, Speed Constraints, Safety (Material, Resources & Third Party), Reorganization at delivery sites, sourcing of sub-contractors, pre-qualifications, evaluation & training to sub-contractor staff.

Delivered clear operational direction to the contract team ensuring that the specified performance levels are constantly met as agreed with clients, Import, Shipping, Custom Clearance, Material Handling, Warehouse Operations, Packaging, Dispatching, Fleet Partnerships, Transportation, Delivery, Invoicing.

Benchmarked good material receipt policy pertaining to quality, quantity, and schedule with packing standards.

Standardized the data capture process which resulted in improved data accuracy and client Improved space utilization by over 50% for retail operations by re-designing layout and work flow measurements.

Checking and verifying shipping records, handling questions or concerns of shipping shortages or overages, solving of addressed any problems with inventory control.

Restructured and organized performance Identification programs, material analysis methods, material selection Criteria &process development for documentation, implementation of material control analysis and scheduling for improvements.

Identification of necessary storage & material handling equipment, Transport equipments, manpower, Wireless Radios & technical requirements for Company s warehouse

Modified documentation pertaining to MRNs, Stock Reports, Inventory analysis, replenishment, inspection, dispatch, FIFO, LIFO reports for inventory life analysis & improved  electronic data sheets, charts and ERP implementation.

Ensured procedural implementation by warehouse supervisors in terms of appropriate safe storage to shelves, racks& assigned location so that reorganization and access to pick and dispatch operations are enhanced.

Reduced demurrages by efficient custom clearances & by enhancing unloading-loading operations within 20 hours benchmarking operations of relieving containers & implemented strategies for liaison work with customs, ministries & government organizations

Net 22% growth in Freight Forwarding business and 33% lead success time in Freight Forwarding Operations (Out-bound) & Exceeded annual customer satisfaction level by 9%.

Nov 1999 to Apr 2005, Oman

Generated business from African countries for vehicles and managing from pricing, margins,  exporting out to dispatching operations via sea, managing all operations right from enquiry generation/pricing/purchase order/exports/tracking payments & logistics operations (Inbound) throughout country.

Sold & exported 73 vehicles to Africa in March/2005 & Carried Best Branch Awards in 2000

Implemented preventive maintenance plans and breakdown repairs of Fleet including repairing of all types of vehicles ranging from light duty to heavy duty vehicles; material handling equipment like forklifts, recovery trucks & workshop equipment; Diesel Generators and fire-fighting equipment.

Supervised fleet road accidents, arranges for vehicle recovery, and interaction with HSE for safe practices to be followed and with insurance agencies on processing claims.

Managed custom clearances & related documentation Controlling the movement & up-keeping of mix fleet of vehicles for cross country operations. Decantation & quality calculation checks of fuel, Supervision of transport & workshop staff. Implemented best policies & standards adhering to safety standards for transportation for control of drivers

All material planning & inventory control, end to end material flow, Gap analysis & Inventory turnover,  turnover time as per season & segment sales, stock movement management & stock planning, complete strategic balance planning, materials control & materials flow, reducing inventories & improving inventory turnovers, guiding sales efforts to sales team, co-ordination of invoicing, budgets, cost & value reporting and contractual aspects

Developed E-Procurement & implemented WMS System.

Collaborated with manufacturing planners and schedulers to ensure effective capacity utilization

Partnered with the International Logistics and Compliance teams to ensure optimal import efficiency in shipping & Coordinating with both corporate Legal and Tax representatives to ensured all regulations are established and followed as well as ensuring proper international tax rules are followed.

Planned to create availability of vehicles, spare parts, consumables sourcing & procuring as par planned schedules and inventory turnover & Clarification of commercial requirements relating to tender preparation relating to Quality Assurance, Vendor Appraisal, Bid Evaluation, Delivery Programming, Payment Conditions, Performance Guarantees, Contract Documentation, Expediting, Inspection, Packing, Transportation, Inco-terms, Product Warranties by nominated suppliers in line with internal OTE procedures & guidelines.

Managed custom clearances & related documentation Controlling the movement & up-keeping of mix fleet of vehicles for cross country operations. Decantation & quality calculation checks of fuel, Supervision of transport & workshop staff. Implemented best policies & standards adhering to safety standards for transportation for control of drivers

Sep 1998 to Oct 1999, India

Extended & supported B2B service business with stock products sold via retail and custom products on short lead times.

Set up of an online data entry shop for collections Courier and coordinator migration of the 50 locations & actively involved in the setting up of local collections in locations.

Set up 17 Stores in New Delhi for retailing & enhancing services.

Single person selected for workshop in Corporate Empowerment & Breakthrough through Manford.

First to Introduce concept of pre-paid sim card & successfully launched in Delhi

June 1996 to August 1998, India

15 Ashok Leyland tankers, single commercial vehicle sale through highest amount financed from company to single customer in 1997

Corporate sale & single auto-finance case of 37 luxury vehicles to Arthur Anderson in 1996

Group purchases, Bidders list, RFQ Packages, Clarification Meetings, Evaluation, PO, Change Order, Tracking, Status Reports, Expediting, Claims Resolutions, inventory control & General Administration

August 1988 to June 1996, India

Designed marketing campaigns, drove mass market, consumer focused communication & go to market plans

Key account management of public & private sector clients

Carried out Road shows, demonstrations, workshop operational support to existing customers and set up of Customer Care Department with 6 help lines, on-road assistance activities along with creating Brand Ambassadors to improve sales

Won best sales person award of the year 1996, sold 158 cars in a quarter.

Standing 1st in Citi mobile finance sales in nov.1990 in north India

Among first 10 executives in India who got Citi-mobile finance training program by Citibank for introductory launching product.

Responsible for procurement planning, sale Vs Stock, automobiles, spare parts & materials purchases, quantity checks, shortage, claims, inventory, stock reports preparation & flow control sheets

Sep 1986 to July 1988, India

Introduced Rallies of bikes to boost sale& supervised the modifications required technically.Preparation of material requisitions for purchases for workshop, supply sources identification, vendor database & records of price trends

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